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Who We Are

The West 76th Street Block Association represents the residents of West 76th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues in the Borough of Manhattan in New York City. It is a social and community service organization that was formed in 1973 as a New York not-for-profit corporation (though archival records show the association existed in the early 1960’s).

Our stretch of West 76th Street is easily identifiable. If you tell people that you live on the block with the Riverside Funeral Chapel, or the block with the large Sunday flea market, they know where you live. The brownstones and high-rises and large trees make us feel like a real residential block, even though we have some sizable institutions as neighbors. Besides the funeral home, there is a large school building which now houses three smaller schools, including a computer school for middle-schoolers and the Anderson citywide gifted and talented school (k-8). There is also an Orthodox Jewish synagogue, which also contains a non-denominational preschool and a lunch program open to all seniors.

A recent count showed nearly 500 residential units in the 37 residential buildings on our block. That’s the size of a small town. The block association is our vehicle to promote the best aspects of small-town living in our giant metropolis. We feel more secure and we are more secure when we breach the anonymity of big city living. We also try to keep abreast of community issues that affect our block and to have input into them through our community board and our elected officials. We want to be a block where residents know each other and look out for each other. We are invested in making the block a safe and desirable place for renters and owners alike.


Where We Live

The Google map below shows the location of the block within the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Central Park is one block to the east, Broadway is one block to the west. We are also near the Hudson River and the American Museum of Natural History.

google map of the block

What's New

2017 Spring Planting

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